Charles Ramsey 911 Call after he found Amanda Berry

This is the full Charles Ramsey 911 call after he saw Amanda Berry attempting to break out of her kidnapper's house. "Charles Ramsey" found "Amanda Berry" and Gina DeJesus alive after a decade in captivity. Charles Ramsey was eating at his home near downtown Cleveland when he heard screaming next door. He found Amanda Berry, a woman who went missing 10 years ago, and a young child. Berry shouted for Charles to help her escape. Inside the house were two other women: Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight, who both went missing in 2002. Charles Ramsey called 911 immediately to get help.

All three missing women were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center and were in fair condition, WKYC reported. A 6-year-old child was also taken into custody. Police said three brothers have been arrested, The Associated Press reported. 

Charles Ramsey now becomes a national hero on Monday as he helped rescue Amanda Berry. 

"I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway." - Quipped Charles Ramsey during his interview. The Charles Ramsey interview will echo forever in the eternal halls of the internet.
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