The Next MacBook Air Will Be A 12-Inch Beauty With An Edge-To-Edge Keyboard

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air has been rumored for a while now, but the computer is very real, according to a new report from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. The resourceful and consistently accurate site has revealed specs and renders of a 12-inch MacBook (which is pegged for release anytime between the near future and mid-2015) that pushes the limits in terms of thickness, input and output ports, and overall design.

The 12-inch notebook is almost twice as thin as the existing 11-inch model of the same computer. It has only a very slight taper from its thinnest point to its thickest, unlike the versions shipping now, and it manages to occupy a footprint similar to the current 11-inch Apple notebook, despite the larger display, thanks to the use of a nearly edge-to-edge chiclet-style keyboard, as well as smaller bezels surrounding the 12-inch Air’s screen on all sides.

Apple’s boldest decision with this computer might be that it is apparently dropping almost all physical input and output ports from the computer, save for one 3.5mm audio jack and a single, USB-C connector. The USB-C standard offers a reversible design like the Lightning connector, making it possible to insert compatible cables in any orientation, but more importantly the spec also allows for transfer of power, as well as high-bandwidth video transmission and data up and down. That means that it can act as a single cable solution for docks and hubs that would let MacBook Air owners plug in far more accessories and devices via a single port.

If these reports are accurate (and it’s certain that they are legitimate representations of Apple’s designs at least at this stage of their process, TechCrunch has confirmed), Apple is taking a gamble in that it bets consumers will value extreme portability and minimal design over a bevy of easily accessible ports and I/O. Things are generally handled via wireless in many instances these days, so the minimal port approach doesn’t scare me all that much, especially given what USB-C is capable of, but we’ll have to wait and see if this carries through to an actual shipping computer later this year.

This Is the Craziest New Feature Youtube Has Added in Years

A totally new way to watch stuff may be on its way

Online video is about to become a lot more immersive. YouTube has plans to add 360-degree videos in the coming weeks, according to Gizmodo. The Google-owned video site isn’t yet divulging details on how the videos will work, but 360-degree videos on other sites operate similarly to panoramic photographs, allowing the user to click and drag across an image to pivot the camera angle as the video plays.

No word yet on whether this new feature will be compatible with the growing number of virtual reality devices headed to market. Google has its own low-tech VR device called Google Cardboard that could help YouTube’s 360-degree videos spring to life.

Como apelar un Strike por Normas de la comunidad de YouTube

Video de apelacion YouTube
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Fuiste tan mal afortunado de que YouTube te suspendiera un video por "normas de la comunidad" y peor aun te agregara un strike en tu cuenta?. No te preocupes en este video seras guiado paso a paso para que puedas apelar tu video y posteriormente remuevan ese espantoso strike de tu cuenta. Debes de tener en mente que un strike por normas de la comunidad es bastante diferente a un strike por copyright. En este video seras guiado para apelar un video marcado como no apropiado por la comunidad de YouTube, ya que un video marcado por copyright el proceso es diferente y la mayoria de las veces tienes 0 posibilidades de ganar la apelacion. Con esto entendido claramente te invitamos a seguir las instrucciones del video.
Como apelar un Strike por Normas de la comunidad de YouTube
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