Plane break-up: world watches as passenger live tweets couple's meltdown.

As far as in-flight break-ups go, at least it wasn't the fuselage.

Rather, it was a relationship that disintegrated on board a delayed flight out of Raleigh, North Carolina, captured in all its devastation by a fellow passenger and broadcast to the world.

When Kelly Keegs live-tweeted the split as her plane sat stranded on the tarmac, it quickly went viral. The saga garnered thousands of retweets as followers hung on every word, and the hashtag #PlaneBreakup became a home base for observers to discuss the unfolding chaos.

Why such an endearing spectacle? Perhaps it was the excruciating detail in which Keegs reported the meltdown ("I just can't stand you. I can't be near you. I would switch seats if I could."). Perhaps it was the rare insight into an event that is usually so private and hidden. 

Or perhaps it was simply good old-fashioned schadenfreude - a macabre happiness at the misery of others.

Like any good soap opera, there were plot twists, melodramatic moments and surprise new characters. Who, exactly, was he texting on the golf course yesterday? Who, pray tell, was Charlotte? And why was her counsel being sought on the matter?

And then, just as the hapless couple seemed destined to spend the flight crying, sulking or fighting, came the ultimate cliffhanger. Keegs, overflowing with disbelief, tweeted: "What the f**k? Now they're making out. I'm not kidding."

Communications from on-board were then severed due to the delayed flight finally taking its leave. The internet was left to ponder the fate of the two young lovers, who had scaled ecstatic heights and horrific lows so rapidly it seemed to beggar belief.

Would this truce last until landing? Would turbulence strike yet again? At the risk of indulging a tired journalistic cliche, only time would tell.

Finally, after close to an hour, Keegs returned to the airwaves to report the couple had ordered six vodkas upon takeoff and "chugged them in silence between makeouts".

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